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 Hua Hin News [ My City Thailand Guide (Hua Hin) der Stadtfuehrer in 3 Sprachen english/deutsch/thai. Bitte rechts die Flage zum wechseln der sprache anklicken. # guide in 3 languages, english / german / thai. Please right click. ]
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 Sports & Recreation
9 Participating Golf Courses
at Attractive Promotional Rate

of 800 Baht
August – September 2011

* 01.08.2011 
The 7th Preserve Hua Hin Heavy Half Marathon * 13.04.2011 
Royal Trophy comes to Black Mountain in 2011 * 07.01.2011 
Hua Hin Bike Classic 2010 King's Cup * 28.11.2010 
 People & Entertainment
Carlo Ristorante Italiano.
The atmosphere is friendly and casual, the food is of top quality and wide variety, carefully prepared by a professional culinary team.
* 23.07.2012 
Power Play Golf arrived in Thailand * 15.03.2012 
Hua Hin International Film Festival feiert 2012 Premiere * 16.01.2012 
Hua Hin International Film Festival feiert 2012 Premiere * 16.01.2012 
 Economics & Law

* 25.05.2011 
2011 No.1 Internet advertising medium * 17.11.2010 
 Culture & Religion

Scenes from Hua Hin,
Thailand from the beach and from the town.

* 24.05.2011   
Labor Day * 13.04.2011 
Songkran - The Water Festival 13-15.04.2011 * 01.02.2011 
LA PAILLOTE Restaurant * 08.01.2011 
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