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SOQI Detox Spa Health & Massage

Petchkasem Rd., Hua Hin, Prachuabkhirikhan, 77110


Benefits of Physical Movement (motion energy) and Benefits of Far Infrared (thermal energy):

Depression and disease of the body is due to poor oxygenation, acid cells and blocked, toxic energy.

1) a) Oxygenation at cellular level via motion energy.
    b) Far infrared chemical and heavy metals (mercury, aluminum, lead, zinc, cadmium and nickel) detoxification via excretion and urination.
    c) Spinal alignment (a common cause of tense muscles, pain and migraines) via specific oscillation created by specific motion energy.
2) Circulation may accelerate and improve due to the increased blood flow as a result of
    a) Oxygenation created by motion energy.
    b) The effect of Far Infrared on the water molecules surrounding each cell, which vibrate quickly, thereby releasing trapped toxins.
3) Skin problems such as scars, burns, acne, rashes and wrinkles may fade and heal via Far Infrared Ray which may stimulate tissue regeneration.
4) Thermal energy may cause dissipation of Inflammation, swelling and associated pain.
5) Both motion energy and thermal therapy may strengthen the immune system.
6) Far Infrared thermal energy may provide relief for breathing problems.
7) Cancer therapy - Thermal energy has a proven track record in Germany at cancer clinics.
8) Combats and negates negative effects of electro-magnetic sources via Far Infrared Ray. - EMF
9) The entire body becomes relaxed and de-stressed within the first five minutes of a session due to the therapeutic massage of motion energy and the subtle, gentle, soothing heat of the Far Infrared Ray.
10) Steady weight loss and body toning may occur when the body receives motion energy on a consistent daily basis.

Cleaning  & Detoxifying with the ... SOQI Detox ... Spa...

SOQI Detox Spa Packages

1. Soqi hot spa + Body scrub + Aroma massage: 1,100.- /2.20 hr
2. Soqi hot spa + Body scrub + Body mask:  1,100.- / 1.40 hr
3. Slimming massage & Detox + Facial treatment: 1,350.- / 1.45 hr
4. Body scrub+ Aroma massage + Facial treatment : 1,200.-/ 2.40 hr
5. Soqi hot spa + Body scrub + Thai or Foot massage: 900.- / 2.20 hr
6. Soqi hot spa + Aroma: 500.- / 1.30 hr

 SOQI  Hot Spa Healthy and Relaxing your body

1) SOQI Detox Couse   3,990.-
2) Sliming Couse     4,500.-
3) Slimming & Detox Couse 8,990.-

 You will torture ache symptoms it why....?
…High frequency energy. Adjust balance in the body.
Remove wrinkles release point tight shoulder.
Relax body eliminate liquid surplus.

For who normally use computer Relieve muscle pain; help deduct stress,
the pain of the neck and shoulder 

 Open everyday : 10:00 am to 09:00 pm.


+ 66 (0) 859 828 740 / 851 297 621

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